About Brenda


Brenda Pieper diZerega is an Advanced Simply Music Piano Teacher, and Licensed Play a Story Instructor with over 26 years of piano teaching experience.

She started lessons when she was seven, and studied music in college and graduate school. Brenda holds undergraduate degrees in music from Hastings College, and graduate degrees from Baylor University and University of Colorado/Boulder.

Brenda began looking for an alternative way to teach piano after becoming frustrated with the results of traditional piano methods and discovered the Simply Music method. After learning more about the curriculum, she believed that the method was exactly what she had been seeking. She became a Licensed Simply Music teacher in 2012, and an Advanced Teacher a few years later.

Brenda loves the results that she sees from her students, and the ease of access to learning piano. She is also seeing benefits of the method in her own musicianship as well. She is able to look at the theoretical components of music through a new set of lenses, and Simply Music has opened doors to her own creativity and expressiveness as a pianist through the wide variety of musical styles included in the method.


In addition, Brenda is the music director at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Longmont where she directs choirs and plays organ and piano for services.


It is Brenda’s desire to give her students a positive experience of learning piano so that they will continue to have music as a lifelong companion.

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My granddaughter loves going to lessons and almost always loves practicing. We are amazed at the progress she has made with Brenda’s guidance.
— Carol C.
My son loves attending lessons and we never have to nag him to practice. After only a few months of lessons, he is already playing songs that would’ve taken years to learn in traditional methods! Thank you, Ms. Brenda, for bringing the joy of music to our family!
— Whitney M.
I have been teaching a long time, and I know what good teaching is, and what you do with students is amazing. THANK YOU for allowing my son to take lessons from you!
— Kim W.
Brenda is an engaging and phenomenal teacher. We would recommend this style of learning as it is so rewarding and allows you child to create music from Day 1.
— Kellie B.
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